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samedi 8 mars 2008

J'ai lu un petit texte ici plein d'humour mais tellement vrai à propos de celles qui fabriquent des cartes de souhaits à la main...
Je vous le partage.
Et je suis sûr que si vous avez aussi une telle passion, vous aurez le sourire en coin plus d'une fois! LOL

A Cardmaker delivers the most welcome kind of unannounced visitor: A handmade card.
A card touches us - somehow, a small folded piece of paper can comfort, celebrate, reach out or just say hello.
Creating a handmade card is an honorable and important task.
As a Cardmaker, you are entitled (but not limited) to the following rights:

You have the right to take as long as you want to complete one handmade card. This may be five minutes or two weeks.

You have the right to send a card for no other reason than to show off your new stamp, embellishment or technique.

You have the right to create a fabulous card for your husband, partner or roommate - just because you know it will stay in your house.

You have the right to spread your cardmaking things out all over, just to admire them.

You have the right to purchase a certain cardmaking item for no other reason than because a) you like it; b) you think it's cute; c) you'll never find it again, or; d) you know you'll use it someday.

You have the right to reserve using your most precious supplies on cards only for recipients who will truly appreciate them.

You have the right to a workspace of your own. This may be the basement, your college student's old bedroom or the kitchen table.

You have the right to make cards when inspiration strikes - whether the dishes are done or not.

You have the right to request peaceful, kid-free, stress-less cardmaking time - guilt-free.

You have the right to let the handmade card be the gift, too.

You have the right to value your personal style.

You are creating a treasure - and part of that treasure is you.

~Author Unknown

Alors... qu'en pensez-vous?

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